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Sensei David MorrisInstructor/Director

David F. Morris is the instructor and Director of the Aikido School of Self Defense in Bellevue, WA. First opened in 1997 in Redmond and now relocated to Bellevue, the school celebrated its 15-year anniversary in April of 2012.

Sensei Morris began his martial art training in New York in the late 80's under Sensei Robert B. MacEwen Jr. For over thirty seven years Sensei MacEwen has been one of the top instructors and supporters of the Nihon Goshin Aikido Association. David Morris quickly became skilled with his hands and weapons then went on to earn his black belt in Aikido. He was one of only a few students to live as an Uchi-Deshi (live-in student) at the Dojo. Sensei Morris continues his training under Sensei MacEwen. He was promoted to San-Dan (Third Degree) in October of 2006 and is the west coast representative of Nihon Goshin Aikido.

Sensei Morris has instructed law enforcement personnel from State to Federal agencies as well as travelling the East Coast performing and speaking at Aikido seminars.

His outstanding skill, along with his dedication to teaching, shows an intense love of his craft. Sensei Morris feels Nihon Goshin Aikido training is not only a great investiment in one's personal growth, but also provides students with practical and very effective "Street Self Defense" techniques.

Sensei Morris continues his study in Aikido as well as other arts. He is a certified instructor in the Nihon Goshin Aikido Association.

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